Most Amazing Cruises in India for Honeymoon

Planning a wedding and going through the process of delivering a successful wedding is a tedious job. It starts with the planning, then buying wedding cards online, then the reception and what not. After all this hectic regime a couple has got time for recreation and to go visit the world if they want. So the most relaxing place can be a beech, but you will have to go to your hotel eventually. A mountain, but it isn’t open throughout, as the decrease in temperature, increases the issues on the top. Best location can be the sea, slowly moving on the sea and enjoying the beauty floating over the sea. Well, this is one of the best ways to enjoy your honeymoon. And here is the list of some of the best cruises you can find in India to enjoy your love.

  • The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise

A five-star cruise which is set to sail, from the land of gods, or the heaven on earth “Kerala”. With the serene beauty and lush green environment, the course of the cruise takes you through the canal of Vembanad-Alleppey. The site is wonderful and the tour will make your Honeymoon unforgettable.

  • The Vivada Cruise on M.V. Paramahamsa

Sunderbans, the home of fearsome tigers, where people love to go for a safari, is the route of the Vivada Cruise. The route of the cruise is so exotic that you will keep craving for more and yet your lust for the route will never end. The itinerary includes two of the most amazing sanctuaries, the Sundarbans where you can enjoy the tiger sightings and the Bhagabatpur Islands which is a habitat for Gangetic Crocodiles.

  • Costa Neo – Classica Cruise

As awesome as the above two sounds, A cruise to the Maldives is much more fun, especially when you board the cruise from Mumbai and go along the route and sail to Cochin. Then you cruise for 3 nights straight and reach the Maldives. During the route, you can enjoy Casino, Swimming Pool, Jacuzzi and even an onboard Movie theater.

  • Mariners of the Sea

If you plan to go to Singapore and enjoy your Honeymoon over there, so while coming back, you can board this amazing ship which will take you through a route where you touch Phuket and after traveling via Thailand will drop you at the marine borders of Cochin.

If you are fond of the ocean, and want to live on it for a while. This is the best chance for you to enjoy your life king size.

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