Amazing castles in Ireland to explore with Dominican citizenship by investment


Citizenship and passport programmes are excellent for investing in another country thus securing your future in terms of economy, wellbeing and many other aspects associated directly to an improved lifestyle. But, some simply go for these programmes for the sake of visa-free access to countries that were otherwise inaccessible or carried tedious bureaucratic red tape.

The same holds true for Dominica citizenship by investment programme which gives this amazing opportunity to explore Ireland and its wonderful castles set against lush landscapes as if living a fairy tale. Castles, whether rebuilt, intact or representing ruins are genuine Irish trademark and more or less 3,000 are spread across the country.

Some of the most impressive ones have their origins in the late 12th century of which a few survived being in their genuine shape while others are given a total facelift per the architectural trends and Hollywood inspiration. What remains are the ruins from continuous sieges but even their decrepit state, the grandeur and feeling of awe is unshaken.

Ashford Castle

Now representing one of the finest and most lavish hotels in Ireland taking the accolade of being world’s best, Ashford Castle dates back to the 19th century. It was recreated by Arthur Guinness as hunting and fishing lodge however originally a castle built in 1228 and crowned for the de Burgo family.

The Victorian-style makeover extensions were introduced to the original construct however even that underwent transformation in 1715 thus boasting a cellar laid in a French-style. The late 19th century again gave it a neo-gothic remodelling which we see today. Despite all the styles and makeshifts, Ashford Castle has remained a stunner for years

Blarney Castle

Perhaps a living evidence of good yarn power, Blarney Castle manages a huge crowd to itself given to its Blarney Stone that’s deemed to bless on comers with the gift of conversation and chitchat. Perhaps the stone itself is Ireland’s greatest tourist attraction and what remains of the castle worth exploring feature.

All you need is climbing the spiral staircase and explore the ramparts on a well-built medieval structure. The Fern Garden and Arboretum are truly otherworldly gardens in which anyone can easily wander off.


Carrick Fergus Castle

It’s one of Ireland’s most stunning Norman castle and the oldest having being established in 1177. John de Courcy built the castle right after his successful invasion of Ulster whereas the structure remains mostly preserved in all the existing medieval constructs in Ireland. Even after continuous seizure by the Irish, English, French and Scots, it’s amazing how Carrickfergus Castle survived its original state.

Dunluce Castle

If you consider the location, Dunluce is sure to take the lead even in its ruined state representing a stone cliff overseeing the ocean. Built in the early 16th century by McQuillan family, the castle was later seized in the 1550 by MacDonnell circle who’s also entitled as dukes of Antrim. The castle has seen its days and rumours have it that Dunluce Castle became an inspiration of a famous novel and Hollywood’s dubbed Cair Paravel, the castle of four seats in the epic movie The Chronicles of Narnia.


Take the ultimate benefit of your Dominica citizenship by investment by exploring these Ireland-ish castles in their magnificence.

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