Jio (Come On India Join The Moment)

The JIO Mobile:

The JIO mobile (Digital Life) model number: F90M, available color “black”.

Jio mobile has dual camera with back flash light and compact that fits in our hand. This device supports single sim jio supported only with expandable memory sd card up to 128GB.

You will get free voice and digital freedom for all Jio phone users that connects jio network for free. There are several multiple features packed into Jio mobile.

Jio phone has its own voice assistant as talk back feature by clicking Call, SMS, Jio music, Jio cinema and browser icons. Jio phone suppers 22 Indian regional languages with simplified interface.

Jio phone comes with inbuilt Jio apps that has My plans, Statements, Jio care, usage and recharge which helps the user to get notified about their sim statement. Jio phones can be connected to any TV using Jio media cable for bigger screen experience. That’s awesome right 🙂

The network supports 4G (LTE support) .Jio money payment can be done in online with this device.

Jio Phone also supports Video calls, Internet browsing.

JioFi M2S is a wireless 4G portable data and voice device

It provides speed upto 150Mbps.

Jio 4G device can be connected with 2G/3G/4G smart phones and with laptops and computers. The download speed up to 150Mbps and upload speed upto 50 Mbps.

You can make video call and HD voice call, audio and video conferences with Jio 4G voice app. Jio device is recommended to connect up to 10 Wi fi enabled devices including smart Tvs.

It packs in a 2300mah battery that stands up to 6 hours.

The included components in the box are (1 router, 1 USB adaptor, 1 USB cable, 1 warranty card, 1 Li-ion batteries).

The Jio device holds Best seller rank on 11th place in computer and accessories and 2nd place in computer and networking devices.

The current price of Jio device is 999 INR as festival offer. The device is available in every Jio store and in online.

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Jio Plans:


  • The latest sachets pack offers (0.15 GB for 19 INR with validity of 1 day) (1.05GB for 52INR with validity of 7 days).
  • The most affordable plan in Jio is (2GB data for 98 INR with validity of 28 days).


Updated plans:

1.5GB/Day packs:


  • (42GB data for 149INR with validity of 28 days)
  • (105 GB data for 349 INR with validity of 70 days)
  • (126 GB data for 399 INR with validity of 84 days)
  • (136 GB data for 449 INR with validity of 91 days)


2Gb/Day packs:


  • (56GB data for 198INR with validity of 28 days)
  • (140 GB data for 398 INR with validity of 70 days)
  • (168GB data for 448INR with validity of 84 days)
  • (182 GB data for 498 INR with validity of 91 days)


3GB/Day packs:


  • (84 GB data for 299 INR with validity of 28 days)


4GB/Day packs:


  • (112 GB data for 509 INR with validity of 28 days)


5GB/Day paks:


  • (140 GB data for 799 INR with validity of 28 days)


Long Term Packs:


  • (60GB data for 999 INR with validity of 90 days)
  • (125 GB data for 1999 INR with validity of 180 days)
  • (350GB data for 4999INR with validity of 360 days)
  • (750GB data for 9999 INR with validity of 750 days)


Jio Phone plans:


  • (1GB data for 49 INR with validity of 28 days)
  • (42GB data for 153INR with validity of 28 days)


Hope you liked our article. Jio has really changed the way we use our smartphones. Airtel and Vodafone are trying to compete but I think it has become tougher and tougher.

Jio Budget Phone has been happily accepted by the Indian Consumers . We love how Jio has been changing lives. Kudos to Jio, they have indeed done a great job.

So what are your thoughts? Will you switch to Jio if you haven’t already?


Jio TV and Jio FiberNet is coming soon 🙂

We will be happy to hear your thoughts

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