How to grab Long term clients on Upwork.

Every skill can makes you earn but the thing is how you mange your skills. Freelancing websites are the great source of grabbing good clients but there is tricks to make them happy and to run with you long term


I always prefer to do work smarter than harder and this approach has made my freelance life more competitive. Sooner or later you will have to make yourself to think out of the box and grab ongoing trends. Your conventional approach and canned messages might give you short-term advantages but if you need long terms benefits then you need to learn to make clients loyal.

The very first skill which you need to adopt in order to make loyal clients is your way of communication. Your skills, previous experience and your exposure to specific issue these all come later. First, you need to convince someone to listen to you. If you make someone feel privileged and respected then obviously that client would love to go through your proposal. So your selection of words should be too effective and reasonable. The way you will address your clients will force them to give you a second thought. So make it your habit to best address the issues of your client through your proposal and don’t let them feel that you don’t give them respect through any single word.

Deliver quality work and client would always give you preference. It is really good that you have delivered what client wanted you to deliver but if your delivery is on time then you will be phenomenal. The idea is, you just need to make your client love your work. Let me give you an example, you tried to contact your clients for some inputs but your call wasn’t answered on time then you don’t need to be rude or offensive. It would really be appreciated if you could lay that issue next time through disciplined manner. It would be better to say that “sir, please schedule some time as I need your assistance towards assisting you according to best of my skills.”

Think each and every project not a contract but a relation. If you have made up your mind to fulfill demands of your client then consider that client your loyal one. Of course, it does not mean that you will do work which is not your responsibility. What I meant to say, that your gesture should always show that you are open to amendment even after finishing your project. Like you can leave a response, “I will be waiting for your feedback and would be happy to amend in case of missing”. This gesture of yours won’t only make the client comfortable in terms of contacting you but you will be gaining positive mouth advertisement. Plus, you would be able to achieve 5 stars for your better ranking in upwork.

Now I am going to point towards that part which is considered as the most annoying part of the resume. Yes, that is your skill tests and believe me it has never been annoying for me as I have been sticking to one website which is exceptional in terms of earning your certifications upwork tests answers. If you manage to earn certifications then believe me every client would take you as the most competitive professional. Actually, skill tests give your guarantee that you are best when it comes to applying latest skills. Through earned certifications, you will be giving relief to your client that you are on top in terms of required skills. Ultimately every client would love to prefer you over the years.

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