Tips to create the perfect newsletter

Tips to create the perfect newsletter


Do you have your inbox crammed with newsletters? I am 100% sure that most of them fly directly to the wastebasket without even having dedicated a second of your precious time.

Online purchases, beyond the commercial transaction, hide a valuable prize for brands: the email of their customers. Key to your digital mailbox and gateway to new products, promotions and news. However, getting the recipient to open and not trash this email can be more complicated than expected.


What should we take into account when preparing a newsletter?


  • Define a clear objective, the whole strategy will depend on it. Do not forget that if the newsletter is part of an Inbound Marketing campaign, the sale is not simply pursued; but to turn the lead into a client through quality content.
  • Write a brief and attractive subject that invites you to open the newsletter. If we can get the recipient to click on the mail, we will already have half a way. Perform A / B tests to find the formula that generates the highest rate of openness among your subscribers.
  • Use a real sender name to generate trust in the user and encourage the opening of the newsletter. Forget the corporate emails ( and create personalized accounts that show the potential client that behind the newsletter there is a team with names and surnames.
  • The good and beautiful, twice good. A good design of the newsletter will allow us to attract the receiver’s attention and that the message or information arrives properly. And even more important! The design of the newsletter will always be responsive so that the receiver can read it from your mobile without problems.
  • Choose the right content for the purpose of the newsletter. Do not forget that you have more resources beyond the mere text. Images, gifs and even videos can enrich the newsletter and considerably increase the CTR of the newsletter. Include a CTA (click to action) in the body of the message can be a good idea to direct the reader towards our goal, such as the sale of a product.
  • Segment your subscriber list and send customized emails to each audience. I know it requires an important effort, but the time invested is worth it. So, you can make different shipments according to the needs of each target.
  • Do not spam If you have nothing important to communicate, do not bombard your list with empty newsletters of content and interest. You will only get the subscriber to unsubscribe from the service or send you directly to the junk mail folder.
  • Plan the periodicity of the shipment according to the content to be disseminated. There is no exact rule to know how many newsletters should be sent. Use common sense before harassing your readers and think about the most appropriate time of the day to send the newsletter according to the content of it.


Test, try, and then try again. Play with issues, designs, content, schedules and messages. The metrics and data analysis will give you the clues to know which is the perfect newsletter for your strategy. And if, even so, you do not get it to work … What are you waiting for to get in touch with us?

We get this idea and perfection when we personally run a newsletter campaign on your travel website cheapest flights to Copenhagen. So, if you’re planning to start your newsletter campaign, you must focus these tasks.


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My aim is to work with all those people who want to do business with their business names only. They have vision and they are mature enough to play smartly.

If you can do work with that mentality then dare to contact me I would convert your coffee into a mindset which you should have for your business to bring it on next level



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