How you can make money just being a WordPress guru.

How you can make money just being a WordPress guru.

You can really make enough money if you love to work on WordPress. In fact, many developers have given their career a jump start by adopting WordPress projects. Many ongoing services and products have forced every developer to go for WordPress programming. Surveys conducted in recent years show that many leading organizations have converted themselves towards WordPress based businesses and have been doing pretty well.

Being a WordPress designer and coder, I see a bundle of adds on and on UPwork. So I suggest newbies that they could get better projects on mentioned websites. let me give you an example of mine, I am charging 40 Dollar per hour as I have been doing well in this field for the last 3 and half years. You can earn a fair amount as well but always stick to your skills while setting your income rate. I am not asking you to always go for the less worthy project, I am just asking you to keep your hourly rate close to your skills. Ultimately your current clients would become your loyal clients.

Let’s get to the business; there is a huge demand for jobs that require the installation of premium themes and setting up WordPress websites.  so the approach which I follow against such tasks is to sign up for best WordPress theme packages available over the internet. actually, you might come across theme developers who can give you access to the whole of their library against the price for a couple of themes. Once you get access to that library then you can install as many themes as you want on different domains. A wordpress guru had a very bright future over upwork as 80 percent projects are posted regarding to wordpress. Make profile over upwrok set your main skill as wordpress guru and take exam related to workdpress pass in high scores. Upwork WordPress Test answers  are available online which can pass you in high scores.


You can indulge yourself towards selling of WordPress themes and the best thing about that you can sale one particular theme to many clients. All you need to do is to maintain pretty high-quality standards in your themes in order to remain on top in the relevant market. If you are offering great support and maintenance against your services then you can be the best in the market. But hold on, you should be excellent in delivering well-written codes, pixel-perfect designs, and full documentation.  You can sell your built themes to any major platform or through your own website.

You can do pretty well if you are looking to sell WordPress plugin just like WordPress themes. If you know how to create professionally built plugins then you can sell them on your own websites or to any major platforms. The best thing which I like about selling WordPress plugins is that there is very less competition. Before discussing the benefits further, I would like to let you know that it is not very convenient to build the premium plugin.

Now comes another opportunity where you can earn money by selling WordPress web hosting.  You just need to be excellent regarding scaling issues and server technologies. Hence, you can generate money by providing WordPress web hosting services.  One thing which keeps me far from offering this service is that you need to maintain very high infrastructure, a trained staff, and marketing techniques. but if you manage to get a hold on all of those then your income will be skyrocket.


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