Best Spy Apps For Monitoring Children

You live in an age, where it is possible to have every sort of information at your fingertips. Even if that means negative aspects, including porn. In some countries, parents have been given legal authorization to use apps for keeping an eye on their children for safety and security reasons. Agreed, there are lots of opinions in favor and non-favor of using the apps, but the programs are specially designed so as not to reveal their presence in laptops or computers.

You are an entrepreneur, and after some twenty years in the job force, have made money to start a new company. The field you have chosen is doorstep repair services, that is providing handymen to residents in your city. You have become successful within two years. But the real challenge you face is in monitoring your teenage children.

If you are a parent, you realize through the children (who have become teens) are intelligent in-world activities, they can still be misguided. Cybercrime has grown multi-fold, and as a parent, you have to take care of identity theft, catfishing, cyberbullying, stalking and other negative activities. There is also the possibility to get addicted to porn sites at the teenager.

Oh, did you think of banning the internet in your home? Your teenagers are smart to learn the skills elsewhere without your knowledge. So, banning outdoor activities as well social media cannot be the practical solution. If you put obstacles, then they may stop living their life and depend on your intelligence for every challenge.

However, as a parent, you can take the best precautions for their safety and security. You cannot make compromises on their safety and security. This article will help you gain knowledge of the ten best apps that can ensure the well-being of your child. These apps can monitor the child’s activity.



You need a cell phone for tracking and monitoring purposes. It works on both iOS and Android. It has the best features such as call logs, SMS, locating tracking and more. A 95 percent customer satisfaction is hard to attain and this app has achieved the rare feat. It can provide the necessary safety and security to your children (if they are below the age of ten).


 Some features are as mentioned –

Easy method to monitor calls along with their duration

Monitor use of internet by checking internet browsing history, website URL, and bookmarks

Is designed to be an excellent GPS tracker. In case you lose the phone, the software can delete all your personal data. The other option includes the locking of the device so that no one can gain access.

The major advantage of this app is the affordability as it has good subscription plans.


Kids Place

Counted as one among the excellent control monitoring apps for children by parents. It is specially designed to make the smartphone childproof. This app can be used for all types of children, such as babies, toddlers as well teenagers.

Making use of this app, you can lock the home screen, search and call buttons. This makes the kid unable to move away from Kids Place and not make any calls in error. With this app, the phone is used only for specific purposes.

You can make use of Timer Function to lock the Kids Place.

You can even block incoming calls when the app is active. Disable wireless signals.

There is an auto restart feature for help if kids accidentally close the app.



This app is useful for personal computers as well mobiles. It works in tandem with devices such as the iOS, Android and also blackberry. The major advantage of this app is you can easily download and install. And it is entirely undetectable. It is possible to access the Kid’s activity from your computer remotely without their knowledge.


Automated to send alerts.

Monitor as well access messages, photos and also the deleted images on the kids’ cellphone.

You can gain access to installed apps and call history on your teenager’s smartphone.

You can track the nature of usage of social media apps such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, Skype and many more.



Norton Family Premier

In this app, you get a variety of parental control monitoring systems. Unlike some apps, you get a free trial for thirty days to help you decide on the purchase. You can safeguard your kids from online predators, as the app gives vital clues on potential dangers.

Features –

You can use the app to block the unsuitable site for the kids and teenagers. You get information regarding the visit to various websites. You are informed by email if the teen attempts to gain access to the blocked site. You can supervise the time the child spends to browse the internet. You can schedule the hours, weeks and days.

The phone disallows the child to send any kind of confidential/sensitive information from the smartphone.

You can access, change the Settings from your own locations.

You gain information on the browsing history, such as internet, text messages, videos etc.

You can even opt to get a weekly and monthly report on your children activities.



Times have changed, and today’s children and teenagers do not feel informing parents their every action. In fact, the problem starts when a teenager does not come on time during the night. So as a parent, you feel that electronic surveillance is the best way to monitor the children without their knowledge. With many of the parental control apps in the market, you can make sure their interaction is with humans and not with online predators. There are also options to block access to some features of the smartphones. With these apps, you can trust your children to be safe and not get into trouble.




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