How To Extend The Life Of Air Conditioner Through Regular Maintenance

There are some cities which remain especially hot in the summer. An air conditioner is the best way to feel comfortable at home or in the office. But an air conditioner has a lifetime of 15 years ONLY. Is it guaranteed? They will be, only when you invest time in maintenance and small repairs.

Let us imagine, you have started a small doorstep repair service company. The business is on the rise, and you have installed three air-conditioners in the office for the employees. But how you will extend the life of your air conditioner? The few tips are as follows –

  • You should always keep the condenser clean. For your information, the condenser is a part of the air conditioning unit that is kept outside the house. It is responsible for keeping the environment ‘cool.’ However, ensure that it is not kept near the plants, shrubs, and bushes. In this way, you can help the unit run efficiently. If you have kept the condenser on the ground, ensure that it sits flat, level and stays higher than the ground. During the rains, the water should not accumulate at the bottom.
  • You should always assist the air conditioner to stay cool. You can use plants, shrubs, small trees to cover the air conditioner from the direct rays of the sun. This method will reduce the work of the air-conditioner. However, do not place the AC very close so that the leaves, debris or any small particle from the plants becomes a problem.
  • It is mandatory to clean the AC at regular intervals. The best source of information will be the manufacturer’s manual. A broom/garden hose can be used to wipe off the dirt and leaves. But you have to be careful around the coils as they can become easily damaged. And as per the norm, ensure the power is turned off.
  • If there is one part in the air conditioner which has to be replaced at regular intervals, it is the filters. The duration will depend on the usage as well the air quality. In normal situations, you should change it between 30 to 60 days.
  • There should be no barrier to the cool air entering the room via the cooling vents. The pathway should be clear for better circulation of cool air. Or else, the air conditioner will have work hard.
  • If you want to save money as well extend the lifecycle of your air conditioner, go for a programmable thermostat. It will make the AC’s work easier.
  • Examine the ducts for gaps and loose seams. You can make use of tapes to provide insulation to the joints, the point of connection for ducts. By this method, you can prevent the escape of cool air. If there are gaps between the joints, there will be a reduction in the volume of cool air before it reaches the room.
  • Do you know there are alternative methods to help keep your office environment cool? Installation of ceiling fans assists in a circulation of air. Drapes and blinds can reduce the heat of sun’s rays in the room. Also, keep an eye on the heat-producing appliances such as oven etc.
  • You can use the exhaust fan in the kitchen to remove the hot air during cooking. But, use them only for the specific duration. Agreed, kitchen exhausts drive out hot air but remember they can also do the same with cool air. The AC will have to work more in the process.
  • It is better to opt for maintenance at regular intervals. Please note that a professional air conditioner repair technician can spot small problems before they become serious. Minor repairs and tuning up/up-dates can extend the life of your air-conditioner.


A hot environment can have a negative impact on the work and comfort levels among the employees. As per a survey, a normal working temperature enhances the work performance of employees. Other benefits amount to warding off allergens similar to pollens, improvement of air quality etc. In short, you can definitely assist the Air conditioner by extending its lifetime through regular maintenance services. Good Luck!


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