How To Grow your Local Business By Attracting Organic Traffic in 2018

 Get online customers for your local business and use these tips to generate organic traffic for your Local Business without burning your pockets. SEO techniques can increase the web traffic to your website and bring more conversions. Using these strategies you can get the attention of users and your local business will be displayed in relevant search results.

Optimize your website

Create a professional website for your business if you do not have one. Keep the design, layout, and content of the website optimized. You can increase the tabs and number of pages your website has and create content in various formats that attract users to your website. Blogs, info-graphics, polls, quizzes, video content, and other creative content can be generated for your business using targeted keywords and phrases. Also, optimize the old content that already exists on your website and adds keywords and SEO techniques to the existing content.

Guest posts and various content formats

Ebooks, guest posts, posting online courses, also accepting guest posts are one of the few ways of attracting organic traffic. Use keywords and keyword phrases in a variety of content that you generate online. Infographics are a visual content that you can create and present information about your business, products, and any relevant data in an interesting way. It grabs and retains the attention of the users.


Advertising on social media platforms and podcasts

Start a podcast and interview influences and prominent people. Grow users and subscribers on your podcast by creating videos and podcasts. You can also contact podcast producers and get to be on their shows. You can give interviews, be on TED-like programs, inspire people, attend business networking meets, and create visibility online and offline.

Social media tools are huge and easy on your pocket. One of the most potent tools to use to generate organic traffic is through social media advertising. Publish posts and create content that keeps the users engaged. You can target demographics and reach the targeted audience using the power of social media advertising.


Use YouTube and Slide-share to promote content

Youtube is a free platform to share and promote video content. Create interesting YouTube videos and monetize them. You can also use SlideShare to create presentations and give valuable information about your product and services. You can also use Youtube to create webinars and speak about what inspires you, tell stories and use this platform to generate interest in the audience.


Post content in directories and forums

Ask questions in forums, post answers and interact on platforms like Quora. Develop readership and followers for your content and do every bit of this consistently. Directories like Reddit are a good place for you to post your content like blogs and articles regularly.


Build an email list and mail your clients regularly

Stay in touch with your clients and send them interesting content, updates, offers. Design the emailers in a way that grabs the attention of the users. Make use of the email as a tool diligently and do not spam users or customers. You can also use the emails to advertise offers, giveaways. Create sharable plugins in the emailers that take the users directly to the website and product pages. Create offers that are shareable.


Generate satellite websites

If you are creating content in a variety of niches, use all those links on all of your websites and advertise them. This helps you create organic traffic on all of your websites. You have to mention that you own all of those websites and create space on all of your niche websites to advertise and promote websites by generating traffic for all of them.


Link building and backlinks

This is an age-old strategy that can never get wrong. Use anchor texts and build relevant backlinks from prominent websites that are relevant to your content and business. This is one of the quickest ways to generate organic traffic for your website and get a better page rank for your website.


Create and promote pins on Pinterest

You can use Pinterest to create visual content regardless of what business you have. Use interesting pins and get readers and followers who subscribe to your boards. Create useful pins and boards that create curiosity and retain the attention of the users on your boards. Post your business information on your profile so users know all about your business and products.


Post ratings and reviews for your products

Aggregate all the ratings and product reviews and post this data on the product pages. When the product pages are crawled, this information will be handy to give out the detailed outline of your business and products.


Use sitemaps

You can let the search engine crawl specific pages by creating sitemaps and posting them on your website. The structure of the sitemaps in XML informs the search engines of all the pages that need to crawl and recrawled into. Through the use of sitemaps, the owners of the websites can also set the priority of the content they want to be crawled into. With the use of sitemaps, the content gets indexed easily.


Check for dead or broken links and fix them

Links that are broken or dead, check for the content on those links and optimize them. Many free tools are available online that can analyze your website or blog for dead or broken links and fix them. Do this regularly as it tells the users you care about them enough to keep all the links active and optimized.


Spy on your competitor’s keywords

Bid on the keywords that your competitors use. Create outstanding content using the keywords of the competitors and beat them at their game. You will end up getting more users from your competitor’s website and boost organic traffic for your website.


Keep the URLs optimized using these techniques

Use readable word for URLs and use hyphens instead of underscores when creating a URL for posts and pages. The format of the URL is an essential factor that makes it easier for the user to understand the title of the post or the page through the URL. This increases the user retention on your website. Avoid duplicate content and tell which URLs are to be crawled using the robot.txt file. This is an advance but a useful technique to generate organic traffic.

Small and medium-sized business can get the attention of local and online users using these techniques. You don’t have to spend on advertising when you use these strategies consistently and boost traffic to your website and get conversions.


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