Top SEO Mistakes to avoid, to Stay Top on Google Search

Optimizing website is essential in these days for online web marketing strategy. SEO methods and techniques are consistently changing but mostly basics are same these are called pillars of SEO. Search engines change their algorithms to improve the quality of searches and for better user experience. It is not easy to stay on top in result page ranking, everyone tries to beat other and want to stay on top but in this business mostly get down because of incorrect search engine optimization. Adopt new techniques in search engine otherwise, you will be out of the race. Always be sure that you are aware of SEO Mistakes To Avoid.


SEO Mistakes To Avoid, to Stay Top on Google Search


Choosing keyword without research

Keyword Optimization is most necessary part of the game. But are you choosing the right keywords?

One of the most common mistakes in keywords selecting is not focusing on long tail keywords. Sometimes short keywords that you choose can be completely different in meaning for others. In this case, you can be in trouble.

Optimizing content around 1 keyword is also hugged mistake that most people do. It is most common practice to choose just one keyword rather than choosing some other relevant keywords or synonymous search terms. Think bigger about content and do not optimize it for just one keyword.

Lack of Quality Content

The single goal of search engines is to help people find quality and relevant information quickly, and search engines are becoming increasingly more effective at filtering poor content from their search results. Poor content would not help you to get high rank in SERPs.  If you want people to find your website, you need to invest in quality content that is informative and help others. Just focus on quality over quantity. The latest trend in SEO is just about quality and authority, Do not publish low quality or duplicate content otherwise you will be penalized from search engines.


Poor loading time

This A faster website gives better user experience and brings more traffic. It is ranking factor that we clearly know, it effects on ranking. It is not the easiest task to reduce loading time for big sites, but there are a number of solutions with them you can overcome with it. Resize website images and use of cache programs can reduce it. To find to out page speed, we recommend you to use google speed checker tool.

Poor internal linking strategy

Internal linking is essential for SEO, Internal links are important both for website ranking in result pages and user experience perspective, they help to visitors to get relevant content at the same place. Make better internal linking structure, because it helps to search engines to find more pages. Search Engines consider important pages that have good interlinking structure.

Keyword stuffing

One of the most common and bigger mistake, that make an impact on ranking is keyword stuffing. Search Engines are now smarter and able to identify overuse of keywords. Keyword stuffing is very dangerous and harmful for the website. Never repeat keywords, again and again, use synonymous words and long tail keywords to avoid from keyword stuffing. To avoid from keyword stuffing check keyword density. Prepostseo is Providing Free keyword density checker.

Neglecting broken links

It is very bad practice to ignore broken links. Find broken links on the website and do not ignore them these are harmful to website ranking.
Finding broken links and fixing them is not an easy process, conduct an audit of it, this audit will identify all broken links then you can fix them one by one.

These are some of the Top SEO Mistakes To Avoid to Stay away from Google Penalty. Hope you found this article useful.

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