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0 Worst Football Injury Incidents of All Time

Worst Football Injury Incidents of All Time

Football is, without a doubt, the king of all sports. It is intense, fast paced and spectacular. Unfortunately, there are times when it can become shocking. Almost every single football fan has witnessed at least one very bad injury. Some of them required only a few weeks of absence and, maybe, a minor surgery, ...

0 Thanks for the Entertainment!!

Thanks for the Entertainment!!

It was the year 1996, an indelible year filled with many unfading memories for any die-hard cricketing fan. The world cup of 1996 brought many ‘for-the-first-time-in-the-history-of-cricket’ moments. Srilanka was considered an unsafe venue to play (thanks to LTTE and the spate of bombings), Walkovers by Australia and ...

0 The Great Indian Olympic Dream

The Great Indian Olympic Dream

1.27 billion (the count would have gone up by the time you complete reading this statement) hearts & prayers are with you tweeted a celebrity while Sindhu was playing the graceful Marin. Which means 42% of the BPL families (who earn less than Rs.100 a day) had the princely heart and the 2% Uber-rich(lets spare ...

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