Worst Football Injury Incidents of All Time

Football is, without a doubt, the king of all sports. It is intense, fast paced and spectacular. Unfortunately, there are times when it can become shocking. Almost every single football fan has witnessed at least one very bad injury.

Some of them required only a few weeks of absence and, maybe, a minor surgery, while others were so devastating that ended the careers of the players that sustained them. Following is a list of the 10 worst football injuries of all time.

  1. Kieron Dyer

Many West Ham fans know Kieron Dyer as a player prone to injuries. However, none of those were as serious as the one that occurred during the second round of the Carling Cup. It was a time when the match had just begun. Joe Jacobson’s tackle broke Dyer’s right leg in two places! Soon the rumors about his retirement were all around. However, Kieron Dyer was back in action within 5 months and played football until April 2013 when he retired.

  1. Arkadiusz Milik

The player was bought in from Ajax to replace Gonzalo Higuain at Napoli. Milik instantly sent everyone around in a state of euphoria by setting the stage on fire. He made people of Naples unable to picture any void that the Argentine had left. However, during this amazing representation of Poland (his nation) in October during a 3-2 win against Denmark, the brilliant striker got injured badly. He damaged his anterior cruciate ligament. Luckily, he made a miraculous recovery and returned back in the squad within three months.

  1. Djibril Cisse

This talented player faced a serious injury while playing for Blackburn v Liverpool. This game was played on October 30, 2004. Djibril Cisse from Liverpool broke his leg at Blackburn. Cisse has been known widely for his striking hairstyles. Unfortunately, for this player, horror injuries have become a trademark so much so that people start knowing him for injuries. The first leg break occurred at Ewood Park. Cisse was playing for the Reds. He fractured fibula and tibia of left leg. This resulted from an awkward fall soon after the striker caught his blade boots in turf. Cisse was forced to miss the most sought after World Cup finals after shattering his right leg during a clash at pre-tournament warm-up against China. For the latest and interesting football news, visit sportscrunch.in/football/.

  1. Samuel Coleman

The player instantly suffered an overwhelming injury in a world cup qualifier. After being subject to a threatening challenge by Neil Taylor, the Wales defender, this Irish captain suffered from a double fracture on his right leg. Doctors conducted a surgery for the same. Unfortunately, no timescale is set on the amount of time Coleman will take to return to the football pitch.

  1. Aleix Vidal

This former Sevilla player had a rough start to Barcelona career. However, things seemed to finally falling in place at Nou Camp. However, during the final minute of forceful 6-0 win over Alaves, Sevilla dislocated his ankle. This incident occurred soon after a challenge by Theo Hernandez. Vidal ruled out of the rest of the season and this came as a massive blow to Barcelona. After all, it seemed Vidal was finally solved their issues.

  1. Yannick Bolasie

This player had been riding really high in his first season as an Everton player. He suffered an awful injury. The player from The Democratic Republic of Congo suffered from a cruciate knee injury in 1-1 draw vs Manchester United at Goodison Park the Congolese International player suffered a cruciate knee ligament injury (ACL). He was sidelined for up to 12 months following this injury.

  1. Mike Utley

Utley from Detroit Lions had a promising start to his career. However, this offensive lineman (former) abruptly ended his career in the third season due to an injury he suffered. The incident injured his sixth and seventh vertebrae in a game played against the Rams. Utley zoomed the approval signal the moment he was carted from the field. However, the doctors later on declared that the player was paralyzed from the chest down.

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