Bets Reebok treadmill ZR10 HRC Review

Bets Reebok treadmill ZR10 HRC Review


In recent years, Reebok fitness has grown to be a big player in the market for treadmills. Now, Reebok are presenting their latest treadmills for home, called the “ZR” series!


The first treadmill in the series that was launched is the ZR10 and we will give our opinion of this model. Our first observation is that the machine is very easy to assemble. This more or less pre-built into the box, only you need to put everything in place, and turn the console into position with screws and plastic covers and miss. Although it is fast and simple, yet recommend at least two people since this film is quite heavy, it weighs 85 kg!


Once assembled, it becomes clear that, the best treadmill ZR10 is not just an incremental improvement over the Z9 tape was the top end of the Z series has a completely new frame design, platform and console / handlebar.


There are stickers on the side rails immediately draw attention to one of the special features of this tape: Damping It seems that for the first time, Reebok fitness has taken some of the technology of its successful shoes ZigTech and incorporates the principles of these, in the damping of the machine platform. The official explanation (on the label) seems rather complicated and talks about the impact energy that dissipates heel below deck and subsequently resulting in more muscle groups are exercised. Basically, the front cover has a softer damping, which provides additional support in the impact of the heel and the back of the cover has a stiffer damping to make a firmer surface to push.


Besides innovative buffer, the size of the platform of the machine is 45 cm by 135 cm. We believe this is a compromise between having a roof that is large enough for most people, while having a relatively compact form factor, occupying less space than many home treadmills.


Powered by a 2 HP continuous duty, the film has a lot of energy and silently drives the tape at a maximum speed of 18 kilometers per hour. This machine has a 15 incline levels. However, at its maximum incline level it is only about 7% or 8%.  Which is lower than most bands of similar price and will be a disappointment for those looking to use a treadmill to lose weight, as slower speeds on an upper slope burn as many calories as running at higher speeds on a flat surface. Clearly, running at a lower speed is kinder to the joints.


So, how is the console?


It seems that the design department of Reebok fitness has been determined to reach a console that meets each individual target. There is an LCD screen with transparent background lighting that provides all the necessary information, a fan, a pair of speakers and even a water bottle holder.


With the wide range of programs available on the ZR10, it is unlikely to be bored. There are 24 preset programs whose speed and incline are printed right on the console and each can be used for a defined duration of use.


There are 3 programs where the goal of time, distance or calories and speed and incline are controlled manually fixed. For those who cannot find any of the preset programs that meet your needs, there are 3 user-defined programs. We are also very pleased to see the control functionality of the heart rate at the Reebok ZR10 and the console has a built wireless heart rate receiver compatible with Polar (optional chest strap) to make full use of this. As if all this were not enough, there is even a function of body fat in the console!


As for controls, it is nice to see the speed keys on the handlebars and tilt adjustment, plus the shortcut keys on the console. We feel that making changes to the speed and incline are much easier to do when running using the handlebars instead of leaning forward to use the console.


It has a folding cover that locks securely in place and has transport wheels to move the machine around (note that this is a heavy machine for your home). If you setup for a perfect gym in home, then that is great tools of your workouts.

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