3 Weekend Destinations Which Will Make Your Roommates Feel Like Family

Welcome to Hyderabad, the city of the Deccan sultanate. By now, you’ve already found yourself furnished apartments for rent in Hyderabad and have introduced yourselves to your new roommates. Your roommates can be some of the most important people in your life at this point, after all, they are the first people you’re going to meet in this city. They can be your door to a more social and active life.

It is extremely important to try forming a bond with your roommates. They could help you beat the homesickness you’re bound to feel when living away from home in a rented apartment in Bangalore, because let’s face it- no matter how old we get, home is where the family is. Your roommate could be the closest thing you have to family in this strange city so forming a bond with them is extremely important but the question is how do you form a bond so deep with your roommate that you feel like you’re each other’s family? The answer is simple, Travel. Nothing builds a bond faster and deeper than spending a weekend together on the road heading to a magnificent destination. Here are some of those weekend destinations:

  • Hampi: A road trip that takes only 8 hours from Hyderabad, the ancient city of Hampi has been a destination for tourists and locals alike for years now. The scenic route of about 390km and is the perfect destination to build a friendship. There is nothing quite like waking up in Hampi at dawn on a winter’s day. The mist flowing through the ancient ruins of this once-thriving city full of culture and tradition, the sounds of birds chirping in the distance, the flow of the Tungabhadra river adding to the serenity of this once thriving city welcome visitors. It truly is a wonder nestled in tranquility and peace. Spending a weekend here, amongst nature, culture, tradition and worship, is sure to make your roommate, and you feel closer to each other than you’ve ever felt before. Remember to spend some time walking through the ancient ruins together for a moment that truly is unique and special. After all, it is the unspoken moments of joy that is the foundation of a friendship.

  • Vijayawada: The town of Vijayawada is a mere 5 hours and 275 km from Hyderabad. This tranquil town is home to eye-popping architecture, as tranquil temples and hemmed in by the river Krishna. Spending a weekend here with your roommate will ensure that the single bedroom house for rent in Hyderabad you share will feel more like home. This destination will help build trust and form an unbreakable bond between your roommate and you. After all, these are the memories shared only by you and them, and that’s what makes any holiday special.

  • Karimnagar: The pilgrimage town of Karimnagar is situated a mere 165km from Hyderabad. This humble town is home to some of the most ancient temples in the Deccan region, once considered a hub of Vedic teachings, a weekend in Karimnagar can help you and your roommate embrace your spirituality while helping you unwind in a serene and calm environment. Apart from the numerous temples and the pre-historic archaeological sites, ensure you visit the famous deer park and the lower Manair dam so your roommates and you can truly experience all that Karimnagar has to offer.

Living in a PG in Jayanagar gives you the opportunity to explore this historic region. It also gives you and your roommate the chance to embrace any differences you may have and form an unbreakable bond.

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