Various types of Carpentry

Do You Know There Are Also Various Types Of Carpentry?

Right from the ancient ages, carpenters have always remained an essential part of the workforce. They are regarded as skilled craftsman even in holy texts. Their main place of work is in the construction and design industry where they work with wood to design essential key components of a home such as doors and windows. However, there is a myth that carpenters can handle any type of woodwork which is officially untrue. There are skilled workers who work only on wooden stairs and others who design wooden cabinets.

In short, you cannot expect a carpenter to work on every woodwork design. Are you planning to have a start-up which will feature carpenter services at the customer’s doorstep? Then this article is for you.

Rough Carpenters

Their major area of work is on long-term construction projects. They have knowledge of blueprints to decide the type and amount of materials for the job. They then design the materials as per the specifications of the construction project. Usually, these carpenters build small structures and then assemble the pieces to construct larger objects. Sometimes, they are required to build sleds to take timber to rough areas. You cannot use engine driven vehicles in these places.

Construction Carpenter

One of the jobs that have been followed for thousands of years. The job includes cutting, installing and shaping of wood.

Framing and Residential Carpenter- 

The jobs include building houses, apartments and more. Did we forget about wooden log houses? They can build an entire house made of wood. A framer carpenter can be best described as a skilled technician who designs the framework of houses such as steps and roofs. The techniques used are platform framing, balloon framing, and timber framing.

In ancient times, some of these technicians are known by the name of long builders. Before three centuries, they used to design houses, fortifications, churches, and barns etc.

Commercial Carpenter- 

These carpenters usually work on buildings that are commercial based enterprises. The buildings are hotels, government buildings, business organizations as well schools. These carpenters can also work on wall materials and steel works.

Industrial carpenter

As the name implies, an industrial carpenter can work on important projects such as energy, manufacturing industries. They are also sometimes required to work in bridges, dams, and tunnels.

Bench Carpenter Or Cabinetmaker- 

This bunch of carpenters works on small projects such as cutting and assembly of wooden items. They are masters at designing cabinets, drawers and storage compartments for home as well offices. They can also design storage chests, furniture, and wardrobes.

Furniture Finisher

They have the expertise to restore/repair worn and damaged furniture. They do also have wood finishing skills.

Ship’s Carpenter

Similar to the name, the carpenter will have skills in shipbuilding, nautical specific carpentry, repair and maintenance services. They are normally called in times of emergency in steel warships and small wooden crafts.

Scenic Carpenter

A modern-day carpenter. They usually build as well disassemble temporary scenery and film sets in movies, theater and television serials.


These carpenters are involved with music. Surprised? But it is true. These carpenters are involved with designing and stringing the musical instruments.

Green Carpentry –

As the name suggests, it is the specialization in the usage of energy efficient, environment-friendly way of designing wood materials for use in a project. In short, these carpenters can use recycled materials in their projects.


It is a very easy way to say that hire a carpenter and he will do all sort of woodwork for you. But in reality, there are different types of carpenter who specialize in woodwork. Do you have a project for woodwork in your home?

After you read the article, you will come to know regarding the type of carpenter to be called for the project.

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