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Kids never have to look bland and boring as if no one takes care of their fashion. In fact, there are many new trends popping in the world of kids fashion every year and if you follow the fashion world properly as a parent then you would be able to find many new things that you can try out with your kid on a regular basis. Now be it the hairstyle trends you want to follow from the latest happenings in the world of clothing being updated on popular kids fashion platforms on the internet, you have to be proactive in order to make sure your kid never lags anywhere as far as his/her fashion and styling is concerned. Even kids fashion is an entire industry and popular designers keep coming up with their updates and new collections for kids every year. So, you just need to follow a designer and keep yourself updated with everything through internet.

Here we’ll be discussing what’s trending for kids in terms of hairstyles and clothing so that they can have themselves covered in both the areas of kids fashion. So, let’s find out.


Clothing Trends in Kids Fashion

As far as the clothing goes, some of the popular new trends are as under.

  • Floral Embroidery

Many have been waiting for this trend to make a comeback for quite a long time. Floral designs on shirts are now getting popular and that’s no surprise at all.

  • Patterned Shorts

If you have been waiting for something new in the boys fashion, patterned shorts have brought a new wave with bright colors, eye-grabbing designs and fun patterns. You can keep the t-shirts simple with this type of shorts.

  • Drop-Waist Dresses

Little girls need to cheer themselves up as there’s no need for those tight-elastics and annoying buttons anymore. The trending breezy sundresses can be easily slipped on and give a wonderfully classic feel time and again. Just pick some cool colors according to the season and you will have a cool collection of some wonderful dresses pretty soon.

  • Cropped Pants

This is a wonderful new trend for boys as cropped pants create a unique new vibe. The style is elevated with Pinroll cuffs and those beautiful patterns look just amazing. All you need is to combine it with a wonderful t-shirt to complete the look.

  • Butterfly Patterns

Little girls love the butterflies and having butterfly patterns on their clothes will give them something to cherish every day and every night.

Hairstyle Trends In Kids Fashion

Hairstyles play an important part in developing anyone’s personality and kids are no different at all. Here we have listed some of the best hairstyles kids can adopt and make sure they get noticed everywhere.

  • Spikes

When it comes to boys haircuts, spikes are a cool style that creates a cool-dude image. From short to long, spikes can be styled in whatever way you like and only with a little bit of styling product, your kid will look amazing. Just make sure you check out for a few variations before you actually go for this look.

  • Braided Ponytails

Be it a young girl or a little kid, braids suit everyone. In fact, kids look even cuter in braided hairstyle. If your kid has short-to-medium length hair, you can give her a braided ponytail style. Form several braids around the head and join them at the back where the ponytail starts.

  • Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are a unique but cool style which is very popular in men. However, kids can brace it equally well. Normally worn on wavy hair, this hairstyle keeps the hair held tightly close to the scalp forming some beautiful dreads. Even popular stars have worn it and the kid star Jaden Smith has also sported the look.

  • Fishtail

Little girls can sport any hairstyle they like but if they have grown their hair up a bit, they can opt for a fishtail pony style which looks really amazing. Overall, it’s a pretty simple hairstyle but it is elegantly unique as well. Hair is knotted loosely forming a fishtail at the back to achieve a perfect look.

  • Hard Parted Side Fade

If you want to give your little kid a more formal and school-boy look then this hairstyle is just awesome. With a normal side fade, it gives a uniquely neat look overall. The hair on top is kept short and styled with a bit of gel. The hard part defines the look and makes it to remain in fashion even today.

So, regardless of the aspect from which you are concerned about your kids’ fashion, you have just endless options available. Be it the clothing about which you need some fresh ideas or it’s the hairstyles that you want to give a touch up, you can choose from the options given above and let your kid flaunt a wonderful overall style. In fact, these are only a few options to look into and you can get as creative as you want to be with your kids’ style. Just make sure you are following the trends and moving in the right direction. So, get started today!


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