Things to check to hire cheap and best packers and movers

Moving from one place to another with your family, in addition, your belongings is an expensive process. If your family is large, you tend to own more stuff. So just imagine the packaging and loading routine – did you just suffer a gasp? In this article, you will be given valuable information on how to select the perfect packers and movers.

1. Cut Down On Your Items

Do you have old furniture that has to be replaced? Do you still store your child’s clothes after he has grown up? Are there items in the kitchen which have to be kept in the corner for more than a year? They are not of use anymore.

Then this is the perfect time to throw the items in the garbage bin. DO you feel that they can be used by others? Then, hold a small profit sale and the price you get is gain. Or else, donate the items to second-hand shops. You can put items on craigslist to make a sale.

Do not hold to an old item. Never harbor thoughts that it will be useful in the long term or you can donate at a later date. You will never get the day (we are not referring to antique items).

2. Move Without Hassles

When you move to a new place, the movement should not be stressful for your family. The transition should be smooth and as a family elder, it is your responsibility.

3. You Should Plan

Avoid the planning at the last minute. Agreed, there are situations where you have to pack-up, hurry because of time restrictions and abnormal situations such as floods etc. In normal circumstances, you will have an early start – from 30 to 60 days. It is better to create a plan and move from week to week.

4. Moving Strategy

You have made the perfect plan. But you have to move from point A to Point Z. Are you going to cover a short distance? Then you can arrange the vehicle yourself. You can ask your friends to bring their cars or trucks. But have a large family and more items, you will have to opt for the right packers and movers.

5. Keep The Packers And Movers Informed

You may have more items for relocation process. Yet, it is your duty to inform the packers and movers if you have large items such as a huge couch, piano etc for relocation. Then the concerned packer and movers can bring the required equipment. They will also be able to make the estimate based on your items.

Just imagine the situation do you think you can move the items, such as a piano from the first floor, in a small walk-way? Then they will have to make more team members or bring the equipment to hold, lift and put the piano (example) on the relocation truck.

6. Right Transportation

If you are moving to a shorter distance location, you can make more than one trip. But devoid of the luxury, you should hire a proper truck to take care of the belongings.

7. Packing Ideas

If you have more than three rooms and ten family members in your existing house, be organized. You can give every adult family member a box, packing tape, pen and required packing material to record every item before packing in cardboard boxes or wooden boxes.

8. Boxes

Take a look at your household items and buy boxes accordingly. Please note that you can carry small boxes of stairs or small pathways.

9. Take Records

The writing and naming of boxes with relevant items will be necessary if you have a large consignment. If you can notice some item missing, you can always take legal action. You should mark on each box a number and the relevant items every box contains.

If you are packing your box with paper and other tapes, ensure that the handling person knows the top portion. The main reason, if fragile items are packed in a box, they can suffer scratches.

You can keep a separate list of items essential for the moving day. The items are light bulbs, garbage bags, toilet paper and water bottles if you have kids.

10. Be Ready

Do not wait till the movers and packers make their way to your house. Ensure that the boxes are ready and packed. You do not have to scramble at the last instant searching for boxes.

11. Valuables

As per the record, it is considered an illegal offense to send your money or valuable ornaments in the moving truck. In case you are moving a laptop or PC, consider taking a back-up of important files to prevent any damage to the device during the relocation process.

12. New Purchases

If you have booked any new large item such as a sofa or a couch, consider scheduling them at your new destination after three days. This will help save your focus for the moving day.

13. Do Not Pack Items In Any Material

You should never pack any item in garbage bags. Your close friends or relatives could mistake them for trash and throw them away.

14. Change Essential Services

You should understand how the essential services such as gas, internet services and landline phones are transferred to your new location. Make the arrangements accordingly.

15. Find Pet-Sitters Or Pet Movers

Having pets in your home?Did your pet give you indications that it is under stress? Then find a safe place for them when you make the move. Afterwards, you can arrange a safe passage for them.

In case the new place is very far, arrange the pet for a safe transport.

16. Conversation With Your New Neighbors

You can make a good start by striking a friendship with your new neighbors. Inform them of the day of movement and the type of truck used for relocation. In case, you are moving on a weekday, ensure the truck is not blocking any other house’s exit. Or else the packing and unloading charges will be more. It may lead to unwanted conversations.

Treat The Movers And Packers Team

Ensure you have drinks and food for everyone. This will help you have better co-ordination with everyone.


Do you have doubts on selecting the best packers and movers for your house shifting services? Do not worry. There are companies which provided home services at the customer’s doorstep. And of recent, these organizations have also included packers and movers category in the list of their services. You can easily schedule a booking by placing a request via their app. On your convenient date and time, the concerned packer and movers executive will come to your office, conduct an inspection and offer the quotation. You do not have to worry about trust and safety as the relocation assistance company will have completed their verification check with the home services company. These companies have made the search for a packers and movers company really easy!

In this article, information has been given on the tips required to make the relocation process free of hassles. Do you feel that we have missed a valuable point? IF so, feel free to drop a review in the Comments Section.

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