Koramangala – Everything You should know about

Koramangala is a beautiful part of Bangalore and the most happening place with relatively a larger neighborhood. Situated in the south-eastern part of the city, it covers Jakkasandra, Venkatapura, and Madivala. The area is divided into 8 main blocks out of which the 3rd and 7th block are predominantly the major commercial hubs.


Koramangala is one of the major attractions in the city jotted with colossal shopping malls, delicious eateries, fascinating places to hang out with friends, the streets of this locality is shaded with its own colors to make it the most loved area of Bangalore. It is said that the name Koramangala is a derivation of Kannada words ‘Kora’ and Mangala which means Overhaul and Welfare respectively.


Known as the most preferred resident for start-ups, the area shelters companies like Infosys, Wipro, Zenith, Mind Tree, India Bulls and others. Koramangala has everything from prestigious colleges, food streets, shopping bazaars to posh apartments and business firms. With a convenient connectivity to Hosur Road, 80 feet road, Ring Road and to other parts of Bangalore, Koramangala is one such destination that attracts everyone.


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