Injustice 2: The best Android Game for every DC comics lover


There are millions of comic lovers who are part of DC cinematic universe and would love to watch their favorite action hero on big screens. To make you even more close to the DC universe the company has released Injustice 2, Android game that features many superheroes and supervillains of DC universe.

Injustice 2 is the sequel to one most popular game Injustice: Gods Among Us. Injustice 2 has been updated with brand new characters, tons of exciting new modes, mind blowing look and fighting styles. The game modes look very curious and exciting to play.

The game is developed by NetherRealm Studios who are the makers of our favorite gaming franchise Mortal Kombat. We all know how awesome is Mortal Kombat. NetherRealm Studios has designed app with greater perfection to let gaming enjoy the true gaming experience in playing the action games.

What’s so special about Injustice 2?

The game is having the best visuals and cool graphics. You can customize your favorite action heroes in the way you want. Here some highlights of the game.

1.Spectacular Game Mechanics:

Injustice 2 is a massive leap forward in every way possible. Master new, dynamic fighting controls that allow you to jump, duck, shoot projectiles, and execute epic Super Moves that has defined Injustice combat.

2.Extraordinary Battles:

If you love doing battles then this game will really impress you with awesome battle modes. The Gear System provides new looks for your character, as well as bonuses to your health, abilities and strength.

As mentioned earlier this is an upgraded version of injustice: Battle of Gods game. The new and improved version consist new characters and battle modes

How to download Injustice 2 for mobile?

Injustice 2 is available for download on Google Play Store and Android users can directly download and install it without any hassles.

For quick download, else you can directly go to Playstore and search for Injustice 2 to Install it.

Game Performance and review:

We have tried this game and were impressed with the game’s graphics and fighting mechanics. They are smooth and quick. The game modes are very challenging and unique in their own way.

One thing that drew our attention is the super villains. The way they were integrated into the game is perfect and the super hero customization can’t be better than this.

The only problem we have experienced is a bit occasional network error which is going to be fixed in future updates. A minor lag was observed when we played it continuously for an hour. Apart from it everything is fine.

So far the game has been loved by 1 Million users and has been rated with 4.3.

Final verdict:

This game is for those gaming addicts who constantly look for challenges and enjoy doing battles to crush enemies under their foot with battling and strategical skills.

Nether Realm has delivered a fighting game that can be enjoyed by new players and pros alike in ways that go beyond pure competition. It’s a bar that every fighting game should meet, but one that has up until now seemed out of reach.” — Peter Brown

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