Factors That Determine The Cost Of Painting Your House

Is your family tired of living with the same colors of the walls in the home? Then it is high time you give the walls a facelift so that it can produce quick and favorable results. The best method is to go for painting the walls. Are you facing challenges in giving the final approval option for painting your home, because of the budget? Then, this article will act as an eye-opener.

Are you confused with the variety of colors to paint for your walls? You do not have to worry. You can take samples and do a test on the walls. Do not forget to see that the color matches with furniture and pillows.

The painting cost will depend on few factors given below –

  • Size of Rooms

It is mandatory to know the size of the room so that you can determine the cost. A professional will take a lot of time to complete painting the larger room than a small room. It automatically means a high labor cost, more supplies and time. You will have to pay for the paint cans and labor cost.

  • Speed

This aspect is where the experienced professionals differ from the freshers. A skilled painter will finish the job quickly, as he can cover the wall faster. There are also some who take more time. Also, note the time needed for a first coat to dry. The second coating may be applied after 48 hours of the first coat.

  • Entire House or Multiple Rooms

Have you decided to paint only the children’s room? Or decided on multiple rooms? In case of the second option, do not forget to choose colors related to one another. If you are one, who wants to have uniformity in all rooms of the house, choose the same color.The cost may vary depending on differences in room size, gloss, and color.

  • Resources

Did you have a conversation with the painter before the project? Are you going to provide the painting materials and the painter can concentrate only on the work? There are also options, where you have to pay in advance and the painter will take care of the materials. Few are mentioned below –

1. Brushes – Trim and sash brushes are required in case of an intricate painting; for larger surfaces, you will need beaver-tail handles.
2. Tape – The painter tape is for protecting ceilings (from droplets)
3. Paint Tray – You can take only a small amount of paint than drying the entire paint box.
4. Ladder – You need to reach high areas – do not expect painters to climb upon a pile of chairs.
5. Small brushes – Touch-ups

Also, Do Not Forget Additional Updates

You should check the molding, baseboards while having a professional painter in the home. IF the paint in the cabinets of your living room is peeled off or if there are any issues, they can be completed. In recent times, kitchens are also painted in bright colors.

Does your spouse think the kitchen needs a makeover? Then it is high time you offer assistance when the painter is around. Have a talk with the painter. The kitchen will receive a modern and clean look. Usually, many kitchens have neutral colors because people are not interested to experiment. If you face a similar situation, it is better to browse the internet on home décor websites as well have a look at home improvement magazines. Create a folder and show them to your painter. Then, he can understand your suggested colors and help to choose the right one.


There is a proverb – change is permanent. Mobiles have, in fact, changed the very concept of loyalty. You purchase a mobile of a particular brand. After some time, you get a brand of another mobile with more number of features; you discard or exchange the old one and opt for the new handset.

Have you painted your house before five years? Then it is time for a makeover. A remodeling of your home with woodwork and other partitions can spell more expense. For a simple revamping of home, painting is the best option.

But how do you select the best painter? Do you know that a new set of companies have emerged in the market and have become successful? They provide top quality services at the customer’s doorstep. The best way to book a service with these companies is to make use of their apps. You can hire the services of a qualified and verified painter from their huge list of vendors.

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