How Can You Extend The Life Of Your Television?

There are many electronic items that have become an integral part of your daily life. Television is one among them. You may have the most expensive set in your living room, but hey! Do not forget they are also mortal and can become susceptible to problems in due course of time. Of course, if the television fails to work or for repairs, you will have to seek the services of a professional.According to surveys, a modern television can last to a maximum of ten years even when used to its maximum potential.

Can You Extend The Life Of Your Television?

Now, you get the same old answer. It depends on the type of TV and your type of usage. And after all, having a TV is for entertainment and not for work. Correct?

But similar to other electronic appliances, you need to take time of your busy schedule to do routine cleaning service. It can take a maximum of 15 minutes time and can make your entertainment device complete its lifespan easily.

How To Clean The TV Screen

You should turn off the tv (plasma, LED or LCD). Then check the screen has come to normal temperature. If you prefer to use a wet cloth and the LCD/LED tv is on, then static electricity can build within the unit and cause serious damage.

Your tv screen is so clean. Then how will it capture dust? It will, because of its electrical charges. They will attract dust like a magnet.

To wipe the LCD screens, you should wipe only with a dry soft cotton cloth. The best way is to check the manufacturer’s manual. In case of a cleaning kit, use the same clothes and cleaner.

Clean The Dust/Dirt Off The TV Case

  • The enclosure behind the TV screen may act as a storehouse of dust. In case of more dust, the particles can actually cause performance issues with the electrical connections. The rule – never use an alcohol-based solution for cleaning a TV.
  • You should never spray any liquid directly on the surface of a television screen. Never do the same even on the TV case. If the moisture can go to the electronic device interior, the circuit board will sort out and result in permanent damage. The best way is to spray the cleaner on a dry clean cloth and moisten it lightly. Then wipe the surface.
  • There are other rules like keeping the fingers off-screen and ensure all the vents are clear to keep the device from overheating.
  • Buying a television is a smart investment. Let us imagine you bought the expensive branded piece. Now the last aspect in your mind is replacing the television because of a series of repair.
  • When you buy a specific brand of television, ensure that you also know its lifespan. The duration will give knowledge on expecting the best quality service. After the concerned age, the TV does not just die, but you can easily judge the end of its lifetime due to its diminishing brightness.

How Can You Help?

When you know the duration as per the manufacturer’s manual, you can start by placing focus on brightness. In case of a LED tv, there will be a reduction in quality or performance after the screen becomes dim.

  • Usage of TV

You need to know the time the tv is switched on and off. You will generally have information about people who watch tv all day. It is considered good for your health as well as the televisions’ that the device should be turned off when not watching any shows/programs. This method will not only extend its lifespan but will also save you money in electric bills.

  • Brightness and Contrast

You should take interest in the TV brightness as well contrast to increase the lifespan. If you use high brightness, the entertainment device will have to work harder. Kindly note the manufacturer instructions. They will vary according to the brand.

  • Ventilation

To display the best images and videos on the screen, the tv will consume power and in turn, generate a lot of heat. You should have a proper ventilation system or it will affect the internal parts. So make space for air in the tv ventilation vents.

  •  Voltage regulator

One of the important electronic appliances in your home. When there is a dip in electricity, your tv can get affected. If you have a voltage regulator along with a battery back-up, it will offer protection in these untoward power surges.


Any television in recent times will be an expensive investment. You have to ensure that the investment should give the maximum returns in the long term. If you have any other points on how to extend the life of your television, feel free to drop a review in the comments box.

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