Do you think Engineering is declining? Think again.

Due to the decrease in demand of students opting for engineering. It’s a big thing to worry about as more and more students are getting impacted badly and are forced to think Engineering got no scope at all. With the increase of growth in globalization more skilled workers are required by MNCs and they particularly aim for Engineers.


In the era of globalization the demand for skilled workforce is on all time high. And same is applicable for the Engineers. As MNCs look for expansion and growth,  more and more companies prefer engineers for bulk hiring.  But lately according to few surveys there is a steep decline in the engineering graduates. Students are opting other courses to make their career. The constant decrease in the students opting for engineering colleges in India is an area of worry for the education experts. Software engineering colleges are around 3393 all across the country and the annual intake ability of these colleges is more than a million. More than 3 k vacant seats were seen, that make us think the constant turn down in the student’s interest for engineering courses. What could be the reason for such attitude of students towards the most sought for career? Is it the deteriorating quality of standard, unemployment among engineering graduates or these students are falling for other courses?

Let’s discuss the same and find out the reason for declining Engineering.

Leaving few basic reasons like Decline in Campus Recruitment, Closure of Several Technical Institutions in the Country, willingness to experiment there are no concrete reason for such baseless thoughts that engineering is declining.

We need to browse once again to know all the benefits that engineering offers.

Why one should think of becoming an engineer.? “Engineering” accurately means “making things happen”. In a very basic logic, engineering is the realistic application of science and mathematics to solve problems. And in today’s competitive world we need problem solvers those who can understand the the losses in future perspective, analyse them and think of required steps that are not properly taken care of.

Engineering graduates from the top engineering colleges in MP are among the best-paid degree-holders in the country. According to a study there are only a few medicine and management jobs that got more average starting salaries than the top-earning engineering graduates.


According to few recent surveys held by Education Society of India, engineers are less likely to worry about their job. According to a study of over 2,000 employees, 23% of the workforce feel “insecure” at work as compared to 18% of engineers.  Those that are most insecure in their jobs are workers in IT, the arts, professional services, and general government work.


Furthermore, job security among pass outs from best engineering colleges in MP is significantly higher than it was during the financial crisis in 2009. Engineering and construction groups are certainly recruiting in masses, as it is the only profession with no depreciated demand as engineering is the core subject of living and revolution.

Some critics, on the other hand, say that labour shortages are in fact a myth created by the industry, or overstated for the industry as a whole while the shortages are only in certain specialties. But regardless of the pros and cons, an engineering degree will always be in demand. Regardless of surveys and employment numbers, getting a paying job will require plenty of studying, a degree from top colleges in MP. An engineering degree will prove an invaluable ticket to professional success and personal growth.


Engineering is a career where one gets a range of kinds of rewards with every perspective be it in search of Job, or a quick promotion. Because of this peculiar reason, engineering can be termed as a productive profession which shows you the results that are required for a successful future or profession with in a short amount of time.

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