All you need to know about Corded Impact Drivers

What is an impact driver?

An impact driver is a powerful tool that can deliver a more robust, rotational and downward once.

It is specially designed for the mechanics and construction people to loosen large bolts or screws and over torque nuts.

The impact drivers are more robust than a standard driver/driller.

Difference between corded driver and corded impact drivers:

A corded driver and cordless impact driver may look similar, but they perform different functions. A corded drill/driver is a flexible tool designed to drive screws or drill holes. Check cordless impact driver on play drills store.

Whereas the impact driver is designed to do only one job, but it does the job easier and super fast than compared to any other tool in the market.

The corded impact driver dives long fasteners and big lag screws. Unlike the corded driver who has keyless chucks, the corded impact driver consists of hex-shanked driver bits.

The impact driver does great bit rotations with concussive blows. It can even drive the screw through the thick and densest woods with its concussive blows and power drive.

The impact drivers are very easy and convenient to use as much pressure, or force is applied directly n the screw to drive it in but not to your wrist.

There is no slip clutch available in the impact driver, but strong force happens to drive screws with a lot of precision and control.

Benefits of corded impact driver:

  • Unlike cordless impact driver, the corded impact drivers don’t run out of batteries and have more power.
  • It is an advantage to construction workers who use a same power tool for the whole day.
  • You don’t require any charging cordless impact drivers do.
  • Without needing a break, you can continue your work.
  • The tool will be more consistent as it uses the steady power source.
  • The corded impact driver performs 100% efficiently.
  • It can handle more tedious jobs.

Drawbacks of corded impact driver:

  • It has limited movement.
  • If there is no power or in power-off situations, your time will be wasted.
  • If there is no power outlet in the required area, you cannot work.
  • The cord of the corded impact driver is harmful
  • The power can be damaged.
  • If cord is damaged replacing it is somewhat expensive
  • Occupies more space
  • Not convenient to transport and carry
  • Heavyweight as it also has a lengthy cord.

Top corded impact drivers:

     Makita, DeWalt, Milwaukee craftsman

  • Dewalt DW293:
  • Specifications:
  • It is a 7.5 Amp corded impact driver
  • ½ inch impact driver
  • 343 foot-pound torque
  • 2700 impact beats per minute

     Milwaukee 9072-20:

  • ½ inch corded impact driver
  • 300 foot-pound torque
  • variable speed units

     Great Neck 25599:

  • ½ inch corded impact driver
  • Affordable piece
  • 7 Amp motor
  • 240 foot-pound torque
  • 2700 impact per minute

     Makita 6952:

  • 3 Amp motor
  • Hex chuck corded impact driver
  • Long life
  • Dual bearing motor to offer low friction
  • Easy replacement brushes


Corded impact driver is excellent for a maximum level of power as they work depending on the consistent power supply not on batteries which die faster.

The corded impact drivers deliver enough torque to get your job done. For continuity of work, you need to buy the best-corded impact drives.

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