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Ruin or Blessing which Side you see of a Mobile Cover?

The world is fast approaching towards the threat of destruction due to increasing risk of Global Warming, continuous criminal as well as terrorist activities, rising rate of political upheaval and various other social and political issues.

Despite of such ruckus created by some people and mostly by us, majority of people including me can be seen indulging in endless hours of doing Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube. All thanks to technically advanced smartphones that we not only get to know about all issues while on the run, but can also divert our mind from problems to get some relief.

This calls for the fact that, we are actually addicted towards a smartphone and have unconditional love for it. In the current scenario, we cannot live without a phone and do our best to protect it against any threat. The most common measure of safeguarding a device is availing a sturdy and strong range of mobile phone case which is like a small sort of investment on an expensive looking gadget.

I can admit the fact that, purchasing online mobile covers and accessories especially a cover is just meant to enrich the pleasure of using a device. However, some say putting a cover on the phone might ruin its overall beauty and should not be availed the same. This is like common view of majority of users including unless and until I came across following claims regarding true nature of a mobile phone case.

The Device Looks Apart

Just delete the very thought in mind remembering that 22 years old boring looking leather or rexine material cover which you still remember, when going back to 1995. Today’s range of covers available at marketplace is as captivating and stylish as hell to enrich overall appearance of your phone. A stylish cover is not going to ruin, but to pose blessing to the overall looks of the phone by making it looks enthralling and eye-catchy. The marketplace is flooded with covers having motivational quotes, cartoon expressions, funny images and several graphics that sure to reflect your own mood and make you a self-expressive individual in the front of others.

Safety First

Gravity is constant and we are all stick together to it and so do is all the objects around us. The same thing goes with a phone that sure to meet the floor when dropped from hands or pocket. As a result of this, some damage might happen to it that make you lose your device. In order to avoid that, cover is the only safe accessory that can seek blessing for your gadget against any wear and tear.


Available for Multiple Brands of Device

Need not worry about what brand of device you have, online is the platform, where you can find diverse brands of covers. Be it like Lava mobile cover or protective cases for other companies like Apple, Samsung, Asus, Micromax, Blackberry, Nexus, Oppo, Vivo and for many more others.

Even variety is not minimalist in terms of Lava mobile cover and of other brands as one can find multiple range of printed hard plastic, leather, silicone/gel, metal and plastic covers. We can avail hands on any of the cover to increase the visual appearance of phone every now and then along with getting maximum protection from physical hazard.

Best to Go for Current Range of Cases

Now, the question arises as what type cover goes perfectly with your personality and provides maximum protection to device. Well, if you go by current trend, then I have to share the fact that hard plastic printed cases are running wild these days.

So, instead of dressing up handset with a plain or dull looking protective shield, go for lively and enigmatic looking printed ones that fall under following few categories:

  • Pictures Ones: One of the sensational varieties in print is picture cases having eye catchy images of cartoon as well as famous characters and sure to make your gadget looks class apart. On the other side, I recommend you to opt for own picture cover in order to best personalize the same.
  • Hilarious Text: If you are a person of jolly good nature and wants everyone smile, then why do not you go for funny looking covers having hilarious catchphrases or satirical quotes. Such fantastic text printed idea is best taken from social media memes that sure to make you look updated.
  • Superhero Cases: The latest and most vibrant printed variety you come across is in prints of famous superhero’s and other cartoon characters available in a plethora of range.

So, make your choice based on such buying guide and let everyone appreciates you love for technically advanced smartphone.


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