6 Quick Dish-Washing Tips You Must Know

Some people don’t have a dishwasher. Due to which, they happen to wash dishes by hand. For sure, it’s a tedious reality. For those of you have a dishwasher, you just can put some of your delicate items in the dishwasher. Since many things shouldn’t be put in the dishwasher like crystal, cast iron pots or nonstick pots and pans and wooden cooking utensils etc.

In that case, we’ve come up with some useful tips and tricks that will make this irritating job of dishwashing by hand a little bit easier for sure. So let’s dive in

Use Gloves

Safety comes first. Kitchen gloves not only makes you look cool, but they also protect your skin. What’s best about these gloves? They are made of rubber and tacky enough so that you can easily hold on to slippery dishes. In case, you don’t like that rubber glove smell. Just sprinkle some baking soda into your gloves to deodorize them.

Dish Rack

Make sure that you get a dish Rack. Trust me! It’s a lifesaver. It holds a good amount of dishes, glasses and cutlery. You can buy it online for a really cheap price. For the less amount, you can get a dish rack that only holds your dishes but also looks really nice.

Wipe Food Immediately

Wipe food off your dishes as soon as possible if you don’t want to waste too much of your time and energy getting rid of the stubborn stains on the dishes. Some of you don’t’ have an idea how much tougher it is to wash food that has been sitting on a dish for 12-hours. Tackle the food ASAP. It would be much easier to clean off.

Hottest Water

While washing dishes by hand, the hot water can be a good friend. Be mindful! The hotter the water, the better. It not only helps the sticky food come off easier, but also it dries your glasses and cutlery without any spots or streaks. Quick Tip! Hot water also gets grease-off faster.

Time to Soak

This tip would work great for getting rid of stubborn food deposits and cleaning up the pots & pans. Keep in mind; the time is on your side. Just use a few drops of dish liquid and let those tough baked-on food bits loosen overnight. When you wake up in the morning, it will turn up way easier for you to wipe everything away. Try sprinkling some baking soda for an extra mild abrasion.

Good Sponge

This tip comes from one of the top maids in Dubai. Investing in a good sponge is essential. While buying, just ensure that it’s a non-scratching sponge. Here’re some tools that are pretty handy to wash dishes.

Dish-one: it’s a sponge that allows you to put this liquid directly inside and it has the scrubby side that you can use.

Dish Brush: You can also use a dish brush, which is really helpful when it comes to pulling off the hardened food deposits.

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